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GPS : 36°58’01.0″N 27°36’00.0″E / 36.966944, 27.600000

This island stands between the points; Pabuç Burnu and Kara Burun. Light tower is conspicous from a distance. An islet Kıstak Adası is on the west. Orak Adası affords two adequate anchorages. One of the larger islands in the Gulf of Gökova is Orak Adası, which lies in the approach to Kargıcık Bükü. The name most probably comes from the fact that the end of the island resembles a sickle.

Orak Island is a location where yachts and Gulets on Gökova Tours do not pass without stopping. The island stretches opposite of Karagıcık Inlet and has indented shores covered with olive trees in the lower slopes of the hills. Orak Island is located a short distance from the south coast almost exactly halfway between Bodrum and Çökertme (around 1.5 hours boat ride from either).

Orak Adası is located about 5 nautical miles E of Kara Ada and in front of Pabuç Burnu, whereas its W and N shores are spotless. There are several anchoring opportunities here. It is a nice place not too far from Bodrum. You can anchor here. There is no settlement on the island but there are sheltered coves that you can anchor at in the north and in the east the sea that is like an aquarium.

GPS : 36°58’40.0″N 27°35’33.0″E / 36.977778, 27.592500

This bay provides sheltering from southerlies. Anchor off in 5 – 10 meters and take a line ashore from the south. No obstruction in the fairway while approaching. Reefs extend out from the western part. It is deep and there can be strong cross winds.

On the coastline between the Yalı Çiftliği and Karagıcık Cove, on the sheltered coves there are many high quality hotels and holiday resorts. The yachts and the Blue Cruise boats cannot anchor in these coves anymore. Opposite Kargıcık Cove stretches the island of Orak from end to the end. This island, which has become popular with divers and boat owners alike, has sloped hills covered with olive trees.

There is no settlement on the island. The east and west ports of the island are suitable for anchoring according to the direction of the wind. The sea is extremely clean, just right for those who like to swim or dive.

Also, a good place to drop anchor would be the bay located on the E side of the island, which is sheltered from N and W winds. There is a small islet situated in front of the bay. The bay can be entered by approaching from the N of the island and navigated past this small islet. Rocks surround the entire island as well as the bay. You can drop anchor in 4 – 5 m. of water and tie a mooring line around one of the rocks lining the shore of this bay, which is a decent anchorage spot.

There is a small inlet located next to this bay which is also suitable for dropping anchor. These small inlets offer you some privacy whereas you can take a refreshing dip in the sea whenever your heart desires.

Yıldız Adası is situated in front of Alakışla Bükü, which is situated 3 nautical miles NE of Orak Adası. The seabed at Alakışla Bükü doesn’t hold anchor. Although a harsh meltem blows through this bay, which is exposed to the 5, it offers shelter against N and W winds.

GPS : 36°58’22.0″N 27°35’54.0″E / 36.972778, 27.598333

This bay lies on SE part of Island. Extreme care is needed on approaching. There is an islet in the middle – 300 m from the island, formed by rocks. Below-water rocks extend out in a diameter of 40 meters. Keep clear away.

The bight on the NW affords good sheltering from westerlies. The bottom is sand and rocky. Drop anchor in 4 – 5 meters. You can also go to the southern shores and drop anchor in 7 – 12 meters. Swimming is a real delight here. Olive trees cover the shores.

GPS : 36°58’01.0″N 27°36’00.0″E / 36.966944, 27.600000

This point is in the Gulf of Gökova and is in a one and half hour sail from Bodurm. It is also the furthest point reached for daily diving. The point has an unbelievably beautiful underwater topography for those who like wall diving. You anchor in the small cove right in from the mooring point and can dive on both sides of the point.

Southern side by tip of Island is the diving point. True paradise for divers with its unusal caves and colorful sponges. The diving at the point facing the Gulf of Gökova is very exciting. In this direction at the 32 – 34 metre level, there is a cave covered with purple sponges. It is the dream of all divers to go down at this spot from the Point onwards as it has such interesting underwater wall diving, first at 25 metres and then to 65 – 70 metres.

Although there is a not high probability of seeing fish you can still see lobster, sea bass, and 2.5 to 5 metres long thornback rays. All foreign divers must be accompanied by licenced Turkish guide diver.

VHF Channels : 73
Sea Rescue and Emergency Team, 24 hrs service including doctor and divers.
Service zone : Gümüşlük- Orak Adası – Knidos

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Bodrum, Muğla Province, Turkey

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