Perdika Marina

Perdika 180 10, Egina , Greece

GPS: 37°41’26.6″N 23°27’06.7″E / 37.690715, 23.451862

Perdika Marina is a large harbour situated in the city with the same name, in the Peloponnese Islands. This dock is the ideal starting point of a vacation because of its access to the sandy shores of the Aegean Sea. If you are a fan of nautical sports then windsurfing and kitesurfing on the crystal clear waters of Agia Paraskevi Beach is “a must”. Enjoy unique moments with your loved ones in luxurious suites or cosy apartments situated right one the dock and treat yourself to a fantastic day in the surrounding Spa’s. Hotel Agia Paraskevi, Ktima Karimali, Riviera Perdika Hotel and Perdika Resort are waiting for you and will offer an incredible experience. Taste the best traditional seafood dishes, Souvlaki and Gyros in these amazing locals: Remetzo, Saronis, Nontas and Miltos. Perdika marina is the perfect opportunity for you to hit the reset button and forget about your worries. Simply relax and enjoy the mild breeze on the superb beaches as you taste delicious exotic cocktails.

Aegina (Αίγινα) is an island in the centre of the Saronic Gulf. Because it is only about 15 nm from the coast of Athens is very often visited Athens yachts and its main harbour can get pretty crowded, especially on weekends. However, it is an attractive island to visit, especially at the beginning or the end of the season, and there are several interesting ancient and historical places to visit around the island. Most boats berthed in the small fishing harbour Perdikas in the South-Western corner of the island. Shelter is good in most conditions, although strong S or SW winds the harbour of Aegina Perdikas uncomfortable and potentially dangerous.

The small harbour of Perdikas lies on the SW coast of the island, 3.5 miles SSE of Aegina harbour. The harbour offers reasonable shelter in settled weather, but is open W and strong winds from that direction make it untenable. Yachts moor stern/bows-to using their anchors wherever there is space, taking lines to one of the two stone jetties. Depths are variable from 2.0 to 3.0 metres, but less in areas of ballasting.
You can find good fish at Nontas.


Anchorage icon Perdikas Harbour (Πέρδικας) 37°41.4′N, 23°27.1′E
You can anchor off in the harbour in 5.0 – 6.0 metres. The holding is good in mud and sand.
Anchorage icon ENE of Perdikas 37°40.732’N, 023°28.110’E
Offers reasonable shelter from N and SE winds.


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Aegina, Egina 180 10, Greece

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