Port Augusta

Patmos 850 01, Arkoi Island, Greece

GPS: 37°22’53.9″N 26°44’11.0″E / 37.381638, 26.736399

Port Augusta is a large marina located in the city of Arkoi. This unique area offers access to the famous Aegean Sea and its beautiful sandy beaches. The Island of Arkoi is very famous among tourists from all over the world for its fantastic clear blue waters as well as the Arkoi Ruins. Explore this enchanting place of history and admire the many temples and altars built by the Greek people to pay homage to the Gods and pray for safe journeys on the sea. If you are a fan of the traditional Greek cuisine, then we suggest visiting the many restaurants spread along the port. From seafood dishes to the famous Gyros, the venues in the area will amaze you. Here is a list of the most famous establishments: Arki and O Trypas. The best hotels in Arkoi will pamper you with large rooms, seaside views and large pools. The top names are Helios Lipsi, Patmos Paradise Hotel and 9 Muses. Explore fantastic places of history in Port Augusta and experience a Greek adventure like you’ve never had before.

Upon entering the bay, contact the Port Authority on VHF Channel 12. They will direct you to berth at the “marina” (yacht quay) located in the NW corner of the bay on the western side of the harbour. Moor stern-to using your own anchor.

Shore power is only available on the southern half of this quay.

Once berthed, find the yacht quay management company located in a kiosk at the southern end of the yacht quay.

They can organise to turn on the electricity and water (potable) pedestals.

Note: The northern part of the quay does get used for some commercial traffic, in particular a 78m long fuel ship which visits 3 to 4 times during the summer months to refuel the local electric station located across the street from the yacht quay. Very little warning is given to yachts that need to move to make space, and if no one is on board the authorities will move yachts themselves. It advisable to try and find space in the southern section.

Other Quay Space

Should the “marina” be full, yachts can try and find space in the small squarish basin on the NE side of the harbour. Depths of 3m, but no electricity and water. The ferry dock on the starboard side to the south of this basin can also be used if waiting for a spot on the quay. Both these docks are managed by the fishing co-operative who may or may not charge overnight fees.

Shelter is good except in strong winds from the SE which can make this harbour untenable. The bottom is sand, mud and weed and holding is good.

The walk into town is along a main road with limited pavement for pedestrians.


It is also possible to anchor near the head of the bay in about 8m and this offers good shelter from the “Meltemi”, however space here is very restricted.
Just south of Port Augusta there are two small inlets known as Steno and Glipapas. They are both well protected from the meltemi but open to the S. With the meltemi, there can be very strong gusts at the entrance to the inlets.


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