Port Kastos

Kastós 310 81, Greece

GPS: 38°34’04.0″N 20°54’42.4″E / 38.567777, 20.911768

Kastos is the sister island to Kalamos and lies parallel to its larger sibling. Port Kastos is the only village on the island but there are a number of anchorages dotted around the coast that can be used in the summer.

Port Kastos is a charming little village that is much liked by visitingsailors and does its best to keep them coming back, year after year. The inner harbour is where the local fishermen moor their boats. They congregate in the shade in the adjacent square to mend their nets. Port Kastos has a few decent tavernas, a couple of shops and not much more.

On the west side of Kastos, the indented bay of Port Sarakiniko is a lovely anchorage. Other places to consider stopping on a Port Kastos yacht charter for a lazy afternoon of swimming and snorkelling in crystal clear blue green waters are South Bay, Southeast Bay, Prasonisi Cove and the Northeast Coves.

Mooring is bows-to off the mole if there is room. Alternatively, anchor in the bay although this can be rolly. The bottom is mud and weed with good holding once you get through the weed.
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Port Kastos below the town of Kastos is the only harbour on the island and fills up rapidly during high season, when the charter business is in full swing. A yacht has four mooring options, depending on time of arrival and draft:
Stern/bows-to the quay of the southern breakwater using the anchor. Depths at the quay range from only 1.5 metres at the root to 3.5 – 4.0 metres at the outer end. The quay is equipped with mooring staples but nothing else. There is space here for around 12 yachts. Note that the corner at the root of the breakwater is rocky and shallow. A small RIB with a line to an orange mooring buoy lies in the shallowest part, with depths of less than 1.5 metres on either side.
Stern or bows to the northern breakwater. There is room for two or three yachts here in depths of 3.5 metres but care is needed to avoid the rocks.
Stern-to the beach at the W end of the harbour, dropping the anchor in 3.0 – 4.0 metres and taking a long line ashore to the staples or lamp-posts along the promenade. There is room for around 8-9 yachts to moor in this way.
Free anchored just inside the entrance in 3.5 – 4.5 metres, clear of the yachts on the quay. No more than 2-3 yachts can anchor in this way and it is usually not possible to use more than 35 metres of chain.
Free anchored just outside the harbour in settled weather, where there is some shelter.
Holding in the harbour is only moderate in hard-packed sand and, if mooring on the quay or the beach, it is advisable to use a generous amount of chain and snub the anchor well before leaving the boat.

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Kastos, Greece

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