Porto Azzurro

Marina Porto Azzurro banchina IV novembre, 25 – 57036 Porto Azzurro (LI)

VHF: 10

GPS: 42°45’51.9″N 10°23’49.5″E / 42.764421, 10.397090

Porto Azzurro is also known as Marina Porto Azzurro or Port of Porto Azzurro and it is located in the municipality with the same name, by the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the province of Livorno and the Italian region of Tuscany. Being located on the coast of the island of Elba, tourists can reach this marina by boat and observe natural treasures of this superb area. Travellers who are passionate about history and are interested in exploring this town are encouraged to visit religious sites like the Shrine of our Lady of Montserrat, the Church of San Giacomo and many others. Also, the Forte Benevento is one of the historical attractions that should not be missed. Those who enjoy hiking, birdwatching and listening to the sound of pure nature should visit the Terranera Lake, the Wreck of Punta Cera, etc. There are great hotels in this area that can accommodate a large number of tourists such as the Hotel Plaza, the Hotel Residence Cala di Mola and many other charming units.

The tourist landing place, where you are moored, property of the Municipality of Porto Azzurro, the management of reservations and landfalls is entrusted to the Companies STRONG Yachting Partners, whose employees are at your disposal for any need. For the safety of the guests, is efficient service, security service at night which you can contact by calling the number (+39) 392 8395580. The workers, who will be present on the jetties all the nights, from midnight till 02:00 am, has functions of control and supervision, and may be of help for your problems. We ask you for a small collaboration to avoid inefficiency and collective damages to the image; the disposal of waste shall be made by the submission to ecological islands to the disappearance on the territory. The use of public toilets is free of charge for guests of the landing, you simply have to submit to the personal service to the bathrooms, the dedicated card is also valid for multiple people at the same time. At the end of your stay we would appreciate the return to the offices of the Navy of the module approval: your suggestions will help us to improve ourselves and improve the services provided.

Гавань Порто Azzuro находится в конце длинной бухты на северо-востоке Эльбы, где доминируют 17-го века форт, построенный во время испанской оккупации области. Гавань очень живописная и посещаемая туристами в течение сезона. Причалы для яхт также бывают заполнены в течение оживленных месяцев в июле и августе, и в это время может понадобиться бросить якорь и ждать, когда освободится место у пирса. Порто Азуро – второе место на Эльбе, которое посещают почти все яхтсмены, путешествующие на взятых в аренду яхтах.

Гостевые места для яхт находятся на внутренней части юго-восточного мола, однако в сезон можно стоять и у пирсов в серном углу бухты.
При входе яхты в гавань ее, как правило, встречает лоцман на тендере и указывает место, куда швартоваться.


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