Porto di Piave Vecchia ???

Via Capo Horn 4 30013 Cavallino, Italy

VHF: 16

GPS: 45°28’57.6″N 12°35’03.0″E / 45.482655, 12.584153

Porto di Piave Vecchia is also known as Port of Piave Vecchia or Port of PIiave Vecchia Nautic and it is hosted by the coastal commune of Cavallino-Treporti, in the Lagoon of Venice. It can be found north of the country, in the province of Venice and the region of Veneto and it is well-known for its busy littoral. This marina specializes in recreational activities that attract over 6 million visitors annually. Summer tourism is encouraged here, thanks to amazing beaches and a wonderful green area, as well as its great surroundings in the Venetian Lagoon. There are plenty of friendly hotels in Cavallino, with private pools and romantic rooms, such as the Hotel II Ghebo, the Hotel Ca’di Valle, the Hotel Junior, etc. Sophisticated restaurants serve Italian dishes at high standards, such as the Osteria Ai do Campanii, da Domenico, Ristorante Vanin, etc. Travellers can visit Murano, Burano, Torcello and many more amazing locations. This is an ideal destination for family vacations.


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The canal port of Piave Vecchia (also sometimes referred to as Porto Cavallino) is situated at the mouth of the Sile river, which disgorges into the Adriatic eight miles NE of the Porto di Lido entrance to the Venetian Lagoon and half a mile E of the settlement of Cavallino. Although not strictly part of Venice, the marinas in the river here are conveniently situated for visiting the city and have good transport links. They are also generally easier to access in the right conditions than many of the marinas in the lagoon. There are four principal marina operations here where yachts of up to 30 metres can find a berth in depths of up to 6.0 metres.
During the summer months the prevailing winds in the Adriatic are light to moderate coastal seabreezes. In spring and autumn, northerly winds are more frequent and can quickly rise to near gale force, especially in the northern Adriatic, where the much-feared “bora” is caused by high pressure over the mountains to the NE coupled with low pressure over southern Italy. Fortunately, the fiercest “bora” is normally to be expected in the winter months. Thunderstorms are occasionally experienced in spring and especially autumn and can be accompanied by violent winds of gale force and above. Luckily they are rarely long-lasting. Fog is a further hazard often encountered in the lagoon of Venice, especially in the early and late season.

Access to Piave Vecchia is via the mouth of the Sile river World icon.png 45°28.62′N, 12°35.04′E, which is flanked by two moles extending into the Adriatic Sea among the miles of beaches lining this coast. The prominent Piave Vecchia lighthouse on the W side of the entrance is visible from some considerable distance. The entrance is narrow and a good lookout is needed for other vessels leaving the river, especially in poor visibility. Approach should be made on a course of around 335 degrees to keep in the deepest water. The better depths are on the W side, close to the lighthouse. The channel here is dredged to a depth of 3.5 metres. However, as with most of the harbours along this coast, entry is best during the last hour or so of the tide, which can add up to a metre to the depths in the entrance. Entry should not be attempted in strong onshore winds, when it is safer to seek a berth in the lagoon via the Porto Lido. The various marinas are situated on either side of the river from half a mile to one mile from the entrance. Click on the link above for exact locations.

Yachts visiting Piave Vecchia have four principal berthing options, from the large Porto Turistico di Jesolo to the mini-harbour of Marina del Faro. In order from the river entrance, the options are:

Marina del Faro World icon.png 45°28.92′N, 12°35.15′E

Marina del Faro is a small basin on the W side of the river about half a mile from the entrance. It offers 100 berths for yachts up to 14 metres in maximum depths of 5.0 metres. Click on link for full details.

Marina del Cavallino World icon.png 45°28.92′N, 12°35.19′E

Marina del Cavallino lies on the W side of the river immediately N of Marina del Faro. It has 300 berths
for yachts up to 30 metres in depths of 6.0 metres. Click on link for full details.

Marina Nautica dal Vi World icon.png 45°29.07′N, 12°35.23′E

Marina Nautica dal Vi is situated on the E side of the river 300 metres further upstream from Marina del Cavallino. It has 450 berths for yachts up to 16 metres in depths of 2.5 metres. Click on link for full details.

Porto Turistico del Jesolo World icon.png 45°29.19′N, 12°34.94′E

Porto Turistico del Jesolo is the largest marina in the river, situated a futher 5-0 metres upriver from Nautica dal Vi on the E bank. Following a recent extension project, it has 638 berths for yachts up to 30 metres in depths of 4.5 metres. Click on link for full details.

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