Porto Palo di Menfi

Porto Palo, 92013 Menfi, Agrigento, Italy

VHF: 9

GPS: 37°34’25.0″N 12°54’30.3″E / 37.573600, 12.908428

The marina in Italy in the city of Agrigento has a highly varied range of services available to its customers, which include water and electricity. It is an ideal marina for medium size boats and has mooring for boats with a maximum length of 15.00 m and a maximum draught of 3.00 m. The marina also has nautical services available. On the other hand, the marina also has the necessary infrastructure to attend to users who do not need a mooring and only require a place to set into the water for an occasional excursion and will then trailer their boat on dry land at the marina.

The harbour of Porto Palo is situated around two miles SW of Capo Passero, the extreme SE point of Sicily. It consists of a large natural bay protected by breakwaters on the eastern and western sides, forming an anchorage much used by trawlers and other small commercial vessels. It is also popular with yachts waiting for suitable winds to head down to the Maltese archipelago sixty miles to the south. Shelter here is good from all directions except SW, when an anchored yacht will find a better protected anchorage two miles to the NE on the north side of Capo Passero.

There are shallows and reefs around Capo Passero and Punta Porto Palo in the approach from NE and both should be given a clearance of at least 0.5 mile. There are similar reefs around Isola dei Correnti two mile SW, which should be given a similar clearance. There are no further dangers in the approach, although entry could be dangerous in strong southerlies. Enter close to the end of the east breakwater, leaving the red buoy off the west breakwater to port. Depths in the entrance are 6.0 – 7.0 metres and in the anchorage range from 3.5 – 6.5 metres.

The eastern breakwater is quayed, and in theory a yacht may berth bows-to along the outer 50 metres, being careful to avoid the ballasting. Depths here range from 1.8 to 2.8 metres. In practice, however, most of the quay is usually full of working boats and trawlers and there is not much space for a yacht. Most yachts anchor off in 5.0 – 6.0 metres, clear of the numerous moorings on the east side of the bay. The bottom is sand and rock and reasonable holding.


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