Psará harbor

Psara 821 04, Greece

GPS: 38°32’24.2″N 25°33’52.7″E / 38.540052, 25.564648

There is only one harbor, the harbor of Psara. It is a small harbor very well protected all year but space is limited. Around 6-8 yachts can anchor moor stern-to on the west quay. Alternatively moor on the outer quay clear of the ferries; it is, however, very exposed here in northerly winds. Water and electricity points on the west quay but not connected. Depths are too shallow to moor elsewhere in the harbour, which is in any case mostly occupied with fishing boats. The bottom is mud and weed with some rocks and provides good holding. The anchorage in the cove immediately NE of the harbour, shown in some pilots, was mostly obstructed at the time of visiting (July 2008) with huge concrete blocks being used to repair the outer harbour wall.
Danger: On the approach to Psara from the west be aware of the many reefs near the islets Antipsara & Katonisi.
Approaches from the east are straightforward.

Psara Marina is a large size harbour situated in the city with the same name and the only one on the Psara Island. Psara is the top rated visiting place amongst tourists and will provide the chance for you to experience dolphin watching in the deep waters or diving in the shallow waters of the Aegean Sea. You can participate in the local volleyball tournament on the famous beach of Kato Gialos or enjoy the sun on Katsounis Beach, Lazaretta or Lemnos beach. The most important landmarks on the island are Church of Agios Nikolaos and the Monastery of the Dormition of Virgin Mary where you can admire rare manuscripts and Virgin Mary’s icon.

The island is blessed with untouched, wild beaches with crystal clear waters washing its shores. In the early 19th century, the island of Psara played an important role as a large merchant fleet. It also became a key entity in the independence struggle of Greece against Turkey, which unfortunately lead to many casualties as well as destruction of some of the islands landmarks. The most celebrated revolutionary who was born in this battle was the chief naval officer Kanaris. Even so, the island still hosts some delightful landmarks, well suited for sightseeing: The archaeological Museum, The Church of Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicholas) and Dormition of Virgin Mary.


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Psara 821 04, Greece

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