Puerto José Banús Muelle de Honor – Torre de Control 29660 Marbella (Malaga), Spain.

VHF: 9, 16

GPS: 36°29’0″N 4°57’14″W/ 36.483648, -4.954485

Пуэрто-Банус расположен в Нуэва-Андалусия, Марбелья, в 64 километрах от Малаги, в районе, защищенном горным хребтом Пенибетика. Его средняя годовая температура составляет 18ºC (64ºF), хотя в течение июля-августа она может достигать 40º.

Пуэрто-Банус ежегодно посещает огромное количество туристов, около 5 миллионов человек, в основном посетители из Великобритании и ОАЭ.

Прогулявшись по Пуэрто-Банусу вы найдете самые роскошные магазины, которые расположены недалеко от пристани для яхт, такие как — Christian Dior, Gucci, Bvlgari, Versace, D& G, и многие другие. Идеальное место для шоппинга, увидеть самые последние тенденции моды и поесть в одном из многочисленных ресторанов или баров в этом районе, где вам предложат разнообразную гастрономию с испанской и международной кухней.

Ночная жизнь в Пуэрто Банусе активна, и вы найдете многочисленные пабы и дискотеки.

Предоставляемые услуги:

— количество мест — 446

— длина судна — до 50 метров

— бензин / дизель

— круглосуточное наблюдение

— душ

— туалеты

— питьевая вода

— электричество

— сбор использованного масла

— сбор мусора

— сухой док

— подъемный кран

— wifi

— круглосуточная охрана

Puerto José Banús is located in Marbella town, Spain. It is a marina that combines nautical activities, culture, glamor and businesses in one place. Since its beginings this port has been recognized as an emblem of social activity contributing with important sporting and cultural events. Currently it has berths for sailboats and superyachts. In addition to basic services such as electricity and water on berths, the marina offers a technical area with travel lift, gas station and various technical services. Youll´d also find a wide range of shops including frontline brands like Dior, Armani, Hermes, access to art galleries, nightclubs, pubs, banks, among others. This marina has international certificates according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which supports good environmental practices and customer quality service.
Jose Banus was a visionary. Such an assertion, unthinkable during the sixties, became a resounding fact when the port area was opened in May 1970. In his debut came King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia when they were still Prince of Asturias accompanied, among others, by Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly. How promoter, the idea of ​​Jose Banus was the creation of a port that would become a key driver, a significant added value for the tourism, social and economic development of Marbella. Banus knew choose their enclave in a privileged coastline point and a micro climate that makes this land a unique place and known worldwide. Year after year, Puerto Banús has been strengthening as a key destination for nautical tourism, and is a magnet for the world’s leading companies in the retail industry and luxury water sports. Since its inauguration has also been a meeting point for celebrities of all kinds: Royal Houses around the world, rulers, artists, businessmen, sportsmen … The list of names is almost endless: Don Juan de Borbon, Count of Barcelona, ​​whose sculpture presides quay honor from the harbor entrance, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, his brother Prince Salman, the Kings of Belgium, heads of government and ministers from across Europe, the Nobel Camilo Jose Cela, Julio Iglesias Prize, Lola Flores, Antonio Banderas, Miguel Indurain, Ringo Star, Barbara Streisand, Prince, Mick Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor, Rod Stewart, Niki Lauda, ​​Hugh Grant, Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey (who filmed a spectacular video clip in the docks), and many more. Sheltered by the Mediterranean and a spectacular Andalusian climate, large and famous luxury yachts as Navila, Neeveen, Sea Cloude, Blue Crystal, Bravo, Shaft, America, Al Miriyah or Shahnaz, have washed up, and still do, in one of the best ports worldwide, which won the Gold Medal of National Tourist Merit and the prestigious “Gold Mercury International” award in Rome for his action in favor of development of economic, cultural and social cooperation.

Additional information

* Length: minimum 10.00 m maximum 50.00 m
* Draught: minimum 3.00 m maximum 4.50 m
* Number of berths: 915


Drinking water
Service station
Dressing room
Harbor Master
Weather information
Fitness room
Gas station

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Puerto José Banús, 29660 Marbella, Málaga, Spain

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