San Basilio 24 (Yacht Pier )

Venice, 30123, Italy

VHF: 13

GPS: 45°25’52.0″N 12°19’01.8″E / 45.431100, 12.317158

The berths of San Basilio 24 are at Santa Marta in the W part of the city. Berths are alongside on a commercial quay over a length of 120 metres. Depths at the quay are 9.6 metres. Most yachts berth here to take on fuel and provisions, since it is the only berthing location with road access.

All the berths of Venice Yacht Pier are very busy during the season and advance booking is essential. Yachts of over 24 metres are recommended to use a yacht agent (Venice Yacht Pier maintains a list of recommended agents). In practice, the berths are mainly used by superyachts, for whom money is generally no object.


Access is via the Porto di Lido, the principal (and busiest) entrance to the lagoon. As the deepest channel, with depths of over 10 metres, it is also the one used by ferries and large commercial vessels. The ends of the N and S breakwaters are identifiable by conspicuous black and white and red and white painted structures. A fairway beacon is situated around 2.5 miles SE of the entrance, from where a course of 300 degrees brings you safely through the entrance. The safe channel is also indicated by port and starboard markers. The channel is dredged to over 10.0 metres. Entry is best around slack water, since the tides can reach 4.0 knots at springs. Beware of cross-currents. Once through the entrance, follow the channel, which is marked with posts, as it curves S then N for about 3.0 miles, leaving the islands of La Certosa and Sant’Elena to starboard. You are now in the Canale della Guidecca.

San Basilio 24- Technical stop – Bunkering – Provisioning

Visually the San Basilio 24 dockage is the least attractive but the most functional since it can be reached by car or truck.

So, if practicality means more to you than beauty, this is the best location for you.

Here it is easy for a yacht to get supplies on board, load or unload spare parts or refuel since refuelling is forbidden at more ‘touristic’ moorings.

Given its location inside the passenger port, San Basilio 24 is ideal for ISPS yachts. Since yacht-car transfers are so easy, it’s also a good place to board or drop guests off.

Length: minimum 25 m maximum 120 m
Draught: minimum 0.5 m maximum 9 m
Number of berths: 100


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