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GPS : 36°39’41.4″N 28°51’15.2″E / 36.661506, 28.854212

Sarsala Cove is a group of three coves some 1.5 miles NNE of Wall Bay. Anchoring is possible in any of the coves, depending on conditions, but you will be dropping in at least 15 metres.
It is a big bay on the north of Bozburun. White houses on the west side of the bay attract attention. There is a marble column on the south of the bay and there is another piece of column ahead of it. There are great deals of places where yacht can anchor and pull alongside to the coast.

There are three big beaches in the area. A restaurant and sun shades are provided at the beach. One of them is Sarsala cove, which is calm and suntrap, is 20 min. drive away from Dalaman. Because of being protection area, there is no construction around it. While you are getting there on top of the hill of Sarsala you will be met by a fascinating panoramic view. The cove today is one of the most popular stop points of the boats and yachts on the Blue Cruise.

Sarsala Cove lies between points; Martin Burnu on N and Boz Burun on S. It indents to the west and ends with a long shingle beach. The hillsides are densely wooded in pine. A pier on the south of the beach is for tripper boats landing. Water is available. Boats anchor in 10 – 12 m off the beach side and swing at anchor. This anchorage is loaded by gullets. A cove intends to the south after the beach ; boats can anchor here with a long line ashore or swing. The depth is good; drop your anchor in 15 – 20 m. The pines come right to water’s edge.

Sarsala Cove Restaurant Jetty
GPS : 36°39’44.5″N 28°51’03.8″E / 36.662373, 28.851050
Alternatively, go to the centre cove and moor on the jetty of the Sarsala Cove Restaurant, where there is space for some 20-30 yachts in depths of 4 metres on laid moorings. Restaurant staff will help you moor, taking your lines to mild steel rings nailed to the planking of the jetty (so perhaps not a good place to be in unsettled weather!). The shelter here is good from all directions except NE. In the prevailing W/NW winds, however, gusts will be experienced from both sides. There is also occasional swell from passing gulets heading for the beach at the northern end of the bay.

The largest bay on the north side of Boz Burun, you will see the white houses of the small hamlet as you round the headland to Sarsala. On the southern side of the bay there is an old marble column on the point and further along another fragment of column. There are a number of coves all along the southern side of the bay where a yacht can anchor with a long line ashore.

One of the most idyllic is the Pilloried Cove right in the south west corner of the bay. This is a perfect lunch stop-over on a Sarsala yacht charter – somewhere to drop anchor and take life easy for an afternoon, alternating refreshing dips for swimming and snorkelling with snoozes under the bimini. For the more energetic, there are the remains of an old wreck to dive and good watersports facilities, including windsurfing and waterskiing. Around the headland to the north is Deep Bay where there is a simple restaurant and you can hike up through the pine forests to a lake and an old village.

Anchor in one of the coves along the southern side of the bay and take a long line ashore. Mostly it is fairly deep so you will be dropping anchor in 8 – 15 metres (26 – 49 feet). The bottom is mostly sand, rock and stones and the holding is not the best so make sure your anchor is well stuck in. At the Pilloried Cove, anchor in 8 – 10 metres (26 – 33 feet) at the head of the cove with a line ashore.

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Dalaman, 48770 Dalaman/Muğla Province, Turkey

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