Taşucu, Silifke – Mersin – Turkey

GPS : 36°18’55.4″N 33°52’57.6″E / 36.315384, 33.882666

İncekum Burnu Lighthouse
GPS : 36°14’11.5″N 33°57’36.7″E / 36.236531, 33.960206
Tower Height : , Focal Plane : 8 m
Character : W. Fl. 10.0 Second, Flashing Character : 1,0 + 9,0
Visibility Range : 10 nautical miles

Ağalar (Boğsak Kale) Limanı Lighthouse
GPS : 36°16’40.0″N 33°50’30.0″E / 36.277778, 33.841667
Tower Height : 4 m, Focal Plane : 7 m
Character : W. FI. 3.0 Second, Flashing Character : 0.3 + 2.7
Visibility Range : 8 nautical miles

Seka Outer Breakwater Lighthouse
GPS : 36°18’33.1″N 33°53’23.0″E / 36.309185, 33.889725
Tower Height : 4 m, Focal Plane : 7 m
Character : R. FI. 3.0 Second, Flashing Character : 1.0 + 2.0
Visibility Range : 5 nautical miles

Seka Inner Breakwater Lighthouse
GPS : 36°18’38.6″N 33°53’33.1″E / 36.310710, 33.892530
Tower Height : 4 m, Focal Plane : 7 m
Character : G. FI. 3.0 Second, Flashing Character : 1.0 + 2.0
Visibility Range : 5 nautical miles

VHF Channels : 16
Call Sign : ” tasucu marina ”

Municipality Port Main Breakwater Lighthouse
GPS : 36°18’52.5″N 33°52’56.4″E / 36.314595, 33.882331
Tower Height : 6 m, Focal Plane : 12 m
Character : R. FI. (2) 10.0 Second, Flashing Character : 0.5 + 2.0 + 0.5 + 7.0
Visibility Range : 6 nautical miles

Municipality Port Inner Breakwater Lighthouse
GPS : 36°18’57.4″N 33°52’55.9″E / 36.315949, 33.882200
Tower Height : 6 m, Focal Plane : 12 m
Character : G. FI. (2) 10.0 Second, Flashing Character : 0.5 + 2.0 + 0.5 + 7.0
Visibility Range : 6 nautical miles

Taşucu (Latin: Holmi) is a small town of Silifke, Mersin Province, Turkey. Taşucu is the main ferry terminal to Kyrenia (Girne), the main port of Northern Cyprus. Taşucu have got rich nature, clear sea and pretty people. In spite of the fact that, with its unspoiled nature, its historical past, its cultural variety and its climate, the area possesses a genuine tourism potential. Taşucu has got a nice blue sea and green forest. Taşucu is a little town with Mediterranean style buildings and cobblestone streets.

Round Cape Anamur to Bozyazı harbour. Very well sheltered, there is plenty of space to go alongside, or anchor in the middle. May be levied by the local fishing cooperative for berthing, including water and/or electricity. A telephone number is posted for taxis to take you into town for restaurants/shops or to visit the impressive castle, but bread may be bought at a roadside stall on the main road. The local coastguard has a base here.

Taşucu is a small port town, located west of Mersin, near the city of Silifke. With its beaches and port, Taşucu is a typical holiday resort. Ancient Seleukia is a thriving market town with a few interesting old ruins. Just south,

Taşucu is the port for passenger fast ferries to Turkish Cyprus. The ferry port is Taşucu’s major activity, so if you go to the waterfront you’ll see the ferries, other boats, and offices for bus companies which bring passengers to and from the boats. This busy ferry port has a wider range of facilities and services.


Opened in 1980 and operation of the Council of Ministers decision dated 28.04.1981, with the proceeds from the requirement to deposit 10% share of the treasure given Taşucu Municipality. Taşucu Fishing Shelter, Ferry and Yacht Berthing Pier (-5) meters with draft, where the transport of passengers and vehicles between Taşucu-Girne Certificate of International Port Facility Security (ISPS CODE) is a haven taken.

After the ferry pier extending 192 meters, 100 meters have been additions. Pier width 26.2 meters. 280 meters long and 40 meters wide, is made with the yacht berthing wharf, boat around this area about 40. Boats landed 30 feet long boat slipway for maintenance is made to obtain.

Capacity : 250 Boats

Depth : 3 – 4 m

Outer Breakwater : 470 m
Inner Breakwater : 200 m

Yacht Dock : 230 m, Ferryboat Dock : 100 m

Marina Facilities
Electricity, Drinkable Water, Fuel, Slipway : 60 m, Custom Office, Wi-Fi, Passenger Saloon, Seabus Pier, Ferryboat Pier, Fish Market, Diving, Security, Autopark, Waste water collection, Bilge and waste oil collection

Administration : Taşucu Municipality, Taşucu Fishery Products Cooperative

Dining : Restaurants, Buffets, Cafes, Bakeries
Weekly Market
Museum : Taşucu Arslan Eyce Amphoras Museum
Accommodation : Hotels, Motels, Pensions, Rental House
Health : Health Center, Hospital (Silifke),
Shopping : Supermarket, Stores, Shops, Markets
Bank : ATM
Festival : Taşucu Fish Festival
Beach : Aphrodite Beach, Kum Mahallesi Beach
Bird watching sanctuary : Göksu Delta
Sport : Rafting on the Göksu Delta
Special Shopping : Oranges, Strawberry, Lemon, Mandarin

Taşucu is a pleasant resort town with fine sandy beaches, especially the Aphrodite Beach.

Taşucu is a pleasant resort town with good accommodations and fine sandy beaches, especially the Aphrodite Beach.

Göksu Delta is the main attraction of this area. The Göksu Delta, 14,500 hectares of salt marshes is a bird watcher’s paradise , where the Göksu River enters the Mediterranean. With its lakes and sand dunes, its profusion of birds and rare plants, and its sea turtles Loggerhead Caretta and Green Chelonia Mydas.

They are clean and have pleasant services. Fishes available due to seasons.


Taşucu : Silifke 15 km, Mersin 90 km
Minibus : Taşucu – Silifke
Bus : Taşucu – Silifke, Erdemli, Anamur, Mersin, Adana
Seabus : Taşucu – Girne (Northern Cyprus)
Ferryboat : Taşucu – Girne (Northern Cyprus)
Airport : Adana Şakirpaşa International Airport, Konya International Airport, Dalaman International Airport, Antalya International Airport, Gazipaşa International Airport

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Taşucu, Taşucu Mahallesi, 33900 Silifke/Mersin Province, Turkey

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