Gümüşlük, Bodrum – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : GPS : 37°03’08.5″N 27°13’58.8″E / 37.052361, 27.233006

Tavşan Adası is located at Gümüşlük. Tavşan Adası (Rabbit Island), situated in the middle of the bay and accessible by a partially sunken causeway, offers a magnificent panorama. Tavşan Adası is guarding the entrance to the cove and harboring its own set of ruins connected to the mainland by way of a sunken ancient city wall that allows visitors to wade over from the town center, the island offers a beautiful panoramic view of Gümüşlük cove and beach.

Exploring the Tavşan Adası walking through history along an ancient causeway, enjoying the sun, refreshing yourself in the crystal clear sea are only some examples of what Gümüşlük Bay offers visitors.

Gümüşlük, a seaside village and fishing port in Turkey, is situated on the remains of the ancient city of Myndos. The remains of the foundations of buildings can be clearly seen in the knee deep water that leads from the middle of the two bays to Rabbit Island (Tavşan Adası). If you want to feel history under your feet you should visit the Rabbit island, which separates the two beaches of Gümüşlük, Bodrum.

A valley of citrus gardens, and beyond the blue sea sprinkled with green islands. Blue, green and white, those ancient colours, were exuberantly mingled, as were the scents which filled the air. Gümüslük where the water was so clear that the history which lay beneath it was visible just beneath the surface. You were very young. You did not think of taking off your dark blue clogs. You pulled up your skirt and began to walk through the water to the island so that you could look at Gümüşlük from there.

You looked, and what you saw was the past looking at the present. As you walked towards Tavşan Adası through the shallow water concealing ancient walls and breakwaters, you looked out to sea to the horizon, your face turned to the summer breeze blowing from the Northwest. Now close your eyes. The Gümüşlük through which you plunged in your red skirt as a fresh young girl, like the game of skimming stones across the surface of the water, is right there.

Rabbit Island is accessible by a partially antique sunken causeway, which was built during the hellenistic period. Once upon a time the Rabbit Island was a place which was visited by the King of Halicarnassos Mousolos and his beloved Artemisya. He had the causeway built in order to have access to the Rabbit Island to feed the rabbits living on this small island and watch the famous and unique sunset with his beloved Lady.

It is possible to walk to the island through the water since it is only knee-deep. You can climb up to the top of the island, take photos of the beautiful surroundings, sunbathe or dive into the clear blue waters of Gümüşlük from the rock formations and swim above the ruins near the island. Rabbit Island was named after the rabbits which once inhabited the island, and it is still possible to see rabbits running wild on the island.

Excavation of Rabbit Island
Access to Rabbit Island became restricted, and you could no longer officially explore the Island. You can still walk on the sunken walkway from the mainland to the edge of Rabbit Island, but once your reach the island, there isn’t much to do, except turn around and walk back to the mainland. This restriction is for a good cause though. Rabbit Island is currently being excavated, and archeologists from the Uludağ Üniversity (which is situated the other side of Gümüşlük Harbour) have made some memorable discoveries.

They discovered a huge ancient theatre that was constructed in the Hellenistic period, around 400 BC; a sacred burial area of a 5th century church and three naves; as well as a 13th century tower.

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