Urla – İzmir – Turkey

GPS : 38°21’52.3″N 26°46’22.1″E / 38.364538, 26.772803

Uzunada Lighthouse
GPS : 38°32’23.7″N 26°42’39.0″E / 38.539922, 26.710829
Focal Plane : 50 m, Tower Height : 6 m
Character : W.FI.(3) 15.0 Second, Flashing Character : 0.5+2.0+0.5+2.0+0.5+9.5
Visibility Range : 12 nautical miles

Main Breakwater Lighthouse
GPS : 38°21’53.1″N 26°46’21.4″E / 38.364747, 26.772625
Focal Plane : 7 m, Tower Height : 5 m
Character : G.Fix, Flashing Character : Fix
Visibility Range : 3 nautical miles

VHF Channels : 16
Call Sign : ” urla marina ”

Urla is a coastal town and the center of the district of the same name in İzmir Province. Among these, the neighborhoods located on the coastline, such as İskele and Zeytinalanı quarters, play a key role in the town’s pace, especially as places of gathering. The main livelihood source of the village are fishing, poultry and flowers.

Urla is a town and the center of the district of the same name in İzmir Province, in Turkey. The district center is located in the middle of the isthmus of a small peninsula which protrudes northwards in the Gulf of İzmir and which carries the same name as the town (Urla Peninsula), but its urban tissue is comparatively loose and extends eastwards to touch the coast and to cover a wide area which also includes a large portion of the peninsula.

Urla is in the middle of the peninsula and holds all the characteristics of the Aegean. It lies 38 km west of Izmir and used to be a cultural centre with remains unearthed dating back to the Hitties. It was originally the site of the Ionian city of Clazomenae, with probably the oldest regularly used port in the world. Pieces of art and sculpture found during excavations are now exhibited in the Louvre, Athens National Museum and Izmir Archaeology Museum.

Urla Limanı is on the west of Karantina Adası (Islet). At Urla Marina, the small islands that dot the coast will certainly charm you. Beautiful beaches and excellent moorings with swimming, snorkeling and diving are all available in the area. Urla Marina offers a marina as well as plentiful accommodation in all price ranges.


Boats can safely be berthed. There are 3 – 5 meters depth in the basin. Boats drop anchor for berthing. Laid moorings are private owned. The quay on the main breakwater is allocated for yachts. You may go stern – or bow to here. The outer quay is occupied by the research vessels.

Capacity : 225 boats

Outer Breakwater : 210 m

Fresh Water connection available
Electricity connection available
Fuel obtained from a tanker truck
Fish Market

Administration : Urla Municipality, İskele Fishery Products Cooperative

Health : Hospital, Health Center, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacies, Dentists
Shopping : Supermarkets, Stores, Markets
Accommodation : Hotel, Pensions, Rental House, Apart Hotels, Motels
Dining : Restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries, Buffets
Communication : Post Office, Phone, Internet
Public Market : Takes place on Saturdays and Sundays
Hair dresser
Beach : Çeşmealtı
Entertainment : Tea Gardens, Bars, Discotheques
Special Shopping : Flowers, Olive, Olive Oil, Vine
Historical Site : Clazomenae
Repairing & Maintenance Workshops
Technical Equipment Shops

There are 6 stock farms (horse breeding and care).

There are 2 enterprises engaged in dog breeding and care.

Restaurants on the top of Güvendik hill afford a marvelous view of the bay and its islands. Restaurants on the top of Güvendik hill afford a marvelous view of the bay and its islands. This recreational area is Güvendik situated in Çeşmealtı, Urla and it covers an area of 15 hectares in red pine forest. It has an excellent sea view. Daily visitor capacity is about 500 persons. In the area, there are water, wc and picnic units.

The prosperous little fishing village of Çeşmealtı is notable for its simple yet excellent fish restaurants. Çeşmealtı, which is 36 km away from Izmir, is a lively and natural center of tourism. The long beaches which stretch from Çeşmealtı to Içmeler cause the regions population to expand by two or three times the usual population during the summer months.

The Urla Camp Municipality Beach, the natural beaches and swimming pools at the Nebioğlu Holiday Village which are all located in Çeşmealtı serve tourists all season long. Also one can use the beaches at the Malçaka Içmeler facility.

You can find fresh fish here all the time. You can buy affordable fish at an auction held by the pier every morning at 10 am or at the restaurants. A crowd gathers at the pier in the mornings and waits to see what kinds of different fish the fishermen are going to put up for auction. Once the fishermen arrive with plastic bins in their hand, they form a line to have their fish weighed.

Some have scorpion fish, others have red sea bream and gilt-head sea bream. There is a variety of fish that I haven’t even seen or heard of before. While fishermen with a smaller catch are generally not too happy, those who have an abundance of fish are quite content.


Urla : Konak (İzmir) 35 km (22 mi), Çeşme 45 km (28 mi)
Bus : Urla – İzmir, Çeşme, Güzelbahçe
Minibus : Urla – Çeşmealtı
Airport : İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport

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