Yíthion Marina

Githio 232 00, Greece

GPS: 36°45’32.0″N 22°34’03.8″E / 36.758880, 22.567721

Yíthio or Gythio is a very pleasant harbor and the main city of the Mani region. It was the harbor of Ancient Sparta.
Yíthio is a good place to leave your yacht in order to visit Sparta and Mystras.
The harbor of Yíthio provides good protection from the NW prevailing winds. If those winds are strong there are also strong gusts here. Go bow or stern-to the mole, with strong NW winds, try the W quay. The bottom is mud and gives good holding.

Yíthion Marina is an old harbour in the city with the same name on the shores of the Aegean Sea. Once, a port of ancient Greece, Yíthion is the gateway to an old civilisation. Anchor here for a history filled holiday, as there are many exciting attractions. From natural landmarks of scenic beauty, taverns, shops, cafes and restaurants to natural marble beaches and magnificent bays, this area is a dream came true for tourists from all around the world. Visit the famous Church of Saint Spiridon or swim in the shallows of Barbati Beach and transform your vacation into a unique experience. Book a room in these fantastic hotels which will fascinate you with seaside views and great personnel: Castello Antico, Aktaion Resort and Studios Resbithas. If you are looking for places to experience the unique cuisine of Greece, taste the delicious flavours of the varied menus in Avlaki Restaurant and Sebastian’s Taverna. Enjoy a romantic holiday in Yíthion marina and relax on the sandy beaches.

Visiting yachts can moor along the inside of the eastern breakwater where – at the last update – there was enough room for 12 to 15 cruising boats docking Med-style.

Depths and holding are good and there is sufficient protection here from the prevailing wind. Watch out for strong gusts that blow down from the surrounding mountains at night. Water and power is available from a few outlets.

Do take care using your own anchor here as the bottom is fouled with all kinds of debris (chains, old anchors, old mooring ropes etc.).

Cruise ships currently anchor outside the port and their tenders dock on the same breakwater. This blocks off another 4 to 5 available slots. The Port Authority do notify cruisers when they are required to move to make space for cruise ship tenders, normally the evening before.

Fishing boats tie-up further into the harbour and on the western quay, which is not permitted for yachts. About a third of the available space in this port is taken up by derelict boats caught in illegal activities and confiscated by the Greek authorities.

Port fees are charged at about 0.40 euro per meter, this includes power and water. The port fees are payable at the Town Hall (first floor staff speak English), a receipt must be shown to the port authorities prior to departure.


Anchoring is possible on either side of Nisos Kranai and provides protection from northerlies and southerlies, but it can be choppy. The bottom is sand and weed, so try to pick a sandy patch for good holding.

Another useful anchorage is Porto Kayio about 21 NM south of Yithion at the tip on the east side of the Mani peninsula.


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